I´ve found a new and lovely way to congratulate my friends on their birthdays and to wish Merry Xmas to my family, and the best is that all of them love it!!!”

Marisa Molina
Valencia, Spain

Amazing service! Very communicative and friendly - will use again! Thank you"

Leanne Chetham

I have always been impressed with The Telegram Office and think what you do is amazing and at such an incredible price too. The people I have sent telegrams to have been very much impressed with them. I love to send them as I'm a lover of anything to do with the 40's era so it's an extra bit of loving thought from me to them.

At a time where letter writing is almost a thing of the past, this is a great way to keep it alive and bring it back to the modern day with memorable and authentic details from the past.

The extra customer service you have shown with this small matter goes on to show further what a great company you are. Thank you again, I am very grateful. From an ongoing happy customer."

Janet Mitchell

Not seen item but recipient of same yesterday DELIGHTED with birthday telegram. Exemplary made/crafted and something more bespoke to gift for a special event such as 60th birthday in this instance. Thank you for an excellent service. Greatly appreciated for everything."

Heather Dennis

Absolutely fantastic! I contacted the The Telegram Office late on a Wednesday evening, needing this item for the Saturday. I got a response within minutes, and they very kindly offered to send this the very next day so that it would arrive in time for me. I received this on the Friday and was thrilled with it!

The telegram is so realistic, and the customisation we had requested was perfect. Wouldn't hesitate to order again. Thank you!"

Katy Barnes

The telegram arrived today. Thank you so much for putting me both in and printing the addresses on...you're an absolute star."

Louisa Lovatt

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