Make a Bell from Clay Pots


Image by Christa (Burns) Porter

Clay pot crafting is a great way to make home decorations especially for Christmas. You can make clay flowerpots for gardening as a gift or for your own home and garden. The pots can be painted and hung together with rope or cord to create ornamental decorations.

To make a decorative clay bell you will need to get a hold of two different sized pots. Buy a pot that is about five or six inches in diameter and another much smaller. You will use the smaller one as the clapper. You’ll also need some decorative cord, two large wooden beads and some paints in your desired colors. You might also want to have some jewels to decorate the bell, which you can glue on. This can make a nice decoration for a porch or home conservatory.

Cut the cord two feet long and fold the end over by three inches and tie in an overhand knot to make a loop. This loop is for hanging the bell form a hook, screw or nail. Turn the larger clay pot upside-down and pass the loose end of the cord down through the hole in the pot. Lay the pot on its side and slip on one of the wooden beads up the cord until it’s about ten inches from the loose end. Tie the cord around the bead so that it can’t slip off. You should now be able to lift the pot by the loop. Make sure the beads are big enough to stops the cord going through the hole of the pot.

On the loose end of the pot you can now attach the small pot in he same way. Slide the small pot up the cord to make it easier to tie the other large wooden bead on the end of the cord. If you now lift the pots together by the loop the smaller pot should hang freely inside the larger pot and make a pleasant sound when it claps against the larger pot.

Feel free to paint and decorate the pots in any colour or form you like. You can top it of by adding dried flowers or ribbons to the top of the bell.

Why not try making three bells and hang them together. You could paint them in black and white patches for a Holstein cow theme.

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