Buying Vintage Posters


Image by Tom Simpson

You can find vintage reproduction posters from as little £5 to £10. Depending on your interest you can acquire posters on movies, travel, maps, art and politics.

It’s worth noting that many original posters such as for the film, “Metropolis” can sell for thousands of pounds and are usually reserved for the serious collector or investor. That said, it is still possible to pick up original posters for a more modest sum if you look hard enough. Keep in mind that it could be difficult checking the validity of an original so tread carefully before you buy.

Weather original or reproduction you can start your collection with the posters you’re drawn to without spending a packet. Try searching for auction websites and do research on what’s out there and the prices they sell for. You can also browse through antique shops, charity shops and markets.

It’s probably best to search out topics that interest you or that you think would look good framed on a wall at home.

You may have seen a lot of classic film posters over years in cafes and friends homes and prefer to go for something a bit more unusual. You could put together posters on niche and obscure topics like vintage soap advertising or early travel posters of Austria. Alternatively, art related posters in such styles as Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Modernism may be easier to find and can make as good a collection.

Political posters can be quite dramatic in design and carry bold statements with equally bold typography and colours, which can make a big impact to a room.

Vintage posters never grow old and emanate a timeless quality that make them suitable for any room in your home be it man cave, entrance hall or living room.

For a sophisticated classic look, have your poster framed inside a borderless glass casing. Allow plenty of space around the frame when positioning on your wall. You can also place a selection of posters alongside each other to create a clean and uniform display that compliment one an other.

For originals, always use acid free materials when storing or hanging posters.

When you have a big enough collection you could create a full wall collage. The contrast between the posters and plane walls can really brighten up a room and make a great focal point.

Be patient and select carefully the posters that attract you the most and over time you will build a quality collection that will always be in fashion.

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