Haute Couture for your Kids


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Have you ever considered making clothes for your own kids? This can be a rewarding, practical and even therapeutic project.

Creating something for one you love is not only a fulfilling and rewarding experience. You can guarantee the quality and uniqueness of the garment, which you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Your time, skill and devotion in making a garment is priceless.

Dressmaking provides you with the opportunity to explore your creative side. There are endless resources you can seek out online and in your local library. You can experiment with different colour schemes and play around with different styles.

You don’t need to have the best needlework skills. You can just learn the basics, which will be enough to carry you through.

Starting Out
If you’re a working mother or father then you’ll need to set aside sufficient time each week to get the garment finished. A month is a good time frame. Any longer and the task risks becoming a never-ending chore you will regret having started.

Once you’ve decided on your schedule you’ll need to kit out your sewing room with your sewing tools. You’ll need a sewing machine, needles, pins, threads, a fabric pencil, ruler or tape measure, serger and scissors or shears.

Kids grow up so quickly that even if you make an error or two it won’t be the end of the world. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Choose the easiest patterns and leave the harder ones for another time. Enjoy the experience, which should be fun even if a little challenging.

When it comes to fabrics try and stick to cotton or a cotton and polyester mix, which are strong and comfortable and easy to work with. Think of designs and patterns that you would use for a child. Consult your child on their preferred colours and designs before shopping for fabrics. Bright primary colours and animal patterns are a good start for stimulating your child’s imagination and enthusiasm.

Give them plenty of coloured pencils or felt tips and let them try drawing some sketches. You can rearrange these into your more structured design. The more involved they are the more likely your garment will be appreciated and worn.

When your garment is finished you will have bestowed your child with the ultimate personalised garment.

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