The Art of Stencilling


As an artist or hobbyist, stenciling can be an effective and easy technique in helping you realise your artwork. It can give you the chance to explore your artistic side with low cost stencils or ones you can make yourself. You could even become the next Banksy!

Stencilling is believed to have begun way back in the Paleolithic era as indicated by stencilled cave art from that period. Later examples include Egyptian tomb art and Greek mosaics. Research shows that historically stencils were made from materials such as leaves, paper, oiled leather, tin and linen.

Stencilling is quite simply the art of producing an image from a stencil but its description doesn't hint at the array of artistic creations achievable. In their simplest form, children can quickly and easily produce colourful pictures to their hearts content. Letter stencils can also be used by children to help them learn the alphabets and numbers.

The artist Banksy can use his graffiti style of stencilling to make political statements and his work is highly collectable for art buyers even with the challenge of removing the wall it comes on.

A stencil pattern can be made out of anything that has form like acetate, cardboard, plastic, metal or wood. They can be used for creating artwork on paper, canvas or fabric with paint or on walls as graffiti stencilling with aerosols.

While stencilling won't demand too much from you, it's worth investing some quality time in designing your pattern. For the basics you'll need pencils, brushes, paints, stencil card, a ruler, a cutting matt, craft knife and tracing paper.

If you decide to stencil your kids' room, you can use a word stencil instead of an image or both. You could make a stencil of their name or the names of their favourite cartoon, game or film character.

For a kitchen you could stencil some fruits, drink or herb shapes which could brighten up a particular wall.

So, what are you waiting for? Your stencilling project is a great opportunity to really let go.

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