Differences in Siblings


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You could be forgiven for thinking that the children of a single household would be more or less similar in make up and personality. However anyone from a bigger family or who has observed larger families will know that the opposite is usually true.

It seems odd that siblings can be so different considering they grow up in the same surroundings and with the same influences. However, it makes perfect sense that each child develops differently and not as a duplicate of their brother or sister.

Every Child Is an Individual
Being part of the same family will of course affect siblings in many ways but every child is an individual with their own character traits which develop differently as they grow. The many different variables combine to enable each child to forge their own identity.

It’s important to cater for each child’s needs differently as each child will have their own distinctive qualities even from birth.

The Birth Order
The order in which the children are born can have a huge effect on personality. Children can be more similar in personality with children of the same birth order in other families than with there own siblings.

For example the first born are usually in contact with parents for the first couple of years at least and tend to relate well to adults. They may find it harder to relate to the more playful child like behaviour younger kids engage in.

Same Parents Different Parenting
A first born will likely be raised by a first time parent or parents. They begin the parenting roles with little or no knowledge or experience who will most likely compensate with an overprotective and cautious approach coupled with a determination to do everything right.

By the time the second child is born the parents will be old hands and will be quite different parents. For the sake of sanity and they will not be quite as strict, allow more freedom and soften up on foods and activities permitted. This will be quite a difference to the second child despite being the same parents.

Despite similar upbringings each child is uniquely different due to biology and circumstances. Cherish the uniqueness of each child inside and allow personality and character within the family.

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