Holiday Destinations for the Over 50s


Press coverage over recent years has shown that many older people make up a large share of the travel market especially with the over 65s. Nearly half of all long haul trips where taken by older people who can be just as adventurous younger travellers.

If you’re an older holidaymaker you may be wondering which destination is best. There are countless destinations and activities you can choose from limited only by your budget and ability to travel especially for the longer journeys.

Sometimes the easiest way to narrow down your options is to decide on what activities or sights you’d like to experience the most. You can narrow down your search by focusing on your interests, which could be anything from golfing to food, sightseeing or the beach. You might also want to note down the things you’d like to avoid which can be just as crucial in choosing the right holiday.

If you want peace you won’t want to be located near a noisy family holiday resort making a kid free adult friendly choice your preferred option. Beaches can also attract an invasion of package holiday visitors eager to soak up the sun but with that can come crowds, club music, late night partying and drinking that you would probably rather avoid.

Cruises have always been popular. You’re guaranteed a level of service, comfort and entertainment for a set duration with stops at many ports of call.

Popular countries include France, Spain and Italy but venturing further east to destinations like Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia to name few can facilitate the perfect getaway with significant savings to be had.

Domestic breaks are still very popular and you won’t have to buy currency! It can involve less time on the road or train and if you book early for the summer season you will most likely get good weather. You can find similar activities and experiences you’ll find abroad from beach holidays, (in summer) to spa breaks, golfing holidays, city breaks, costal and seaside breaks.

In the UK those over 60 can purchase railcards, which will get you a discount on rail travel. Booking ahead can get you even bigger discounts. London residents can get free travel on public transport excluding peak travel periods. Many European countries gave discount or free passes so it’s worth researching before you set off. If you book through a travel agent it’s always worth asking if they can offer a discount for older travellers.

Whether you’ve decided on a country cottage or an overseas adventure you’re sure to have a great experience and make many happy memories.

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