Wedding Planning on a Budget


The truth is that nearly all of us budget for the larger expenses in life and your wedding no matter how special an occasion is no different.

Just because you are budgeting doesn’t mean your wedding will be any less successful or happy an occasion. It can be just a matter of deciding on what the happy couple really want which is ultimately a happy day of celebration with the blessings of family and friends.

A wedding is essentially an event and events need organising which requires a set of skills, knowledge and resources. The chances are you’re not an experienced events organiser and apart from helping out at your nieces 4th birthday party the whole idea of organising a wedding with fifty to a hundred guests feels a tad overwhelming to say the least.

Wedding planning can bring on a lot of stress and worry which is why it’s advisable to first decide on your budget and evaluate the amount of free time you and your partner can commit. Having the answer to these two questions will enable you to set a time frame for your wedding with that all important wedding date and key milestones along the way.

Try not to reinvent the wheel. Remember there are approximately 270,000 weddings each year in the UK meaning that successful wedding plans already exist which you can simply be duplicated and adapted to meet your own personal tastes and requirements.

Take time to research other weddings and look for the latest tips online for wedding planning. Start collecting ideas and share them with family and friends and get feedback and advice from those in the know.

The biggest outlay by far will be for the guests, so don’t be afraid to cut the guest list. You don’t have to invite everyone you’ve ever known. Start with family members and extend it to close friends.

Of course there will be the usual issues of finding a suitable venue, seating arrangements, stationery, photography, the wedding dress and suit. The important thing is that you don’t have to go overboard. Set your budget and stick to it. Get quotes and price everything you think you’ll need and then shop around for reductions or alternatives. Be flexible and be prepared to negotiate. It’s a day that marks the bride and grooms commitment to one another and which seals their love for each other for the rest of their lives.

Most importantly, give yourself plenty of time. Use this to your advantage by starting early and by whittling down your suppliers to the best value for money without compromising on quality.

Most of all, try to enjoy the experience as this is the beginning of your married life and you’re making memories you’ll want to treasure for years to come.

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