A New Interest for a New Year


With the seemingly busier lives we live it would almost be impossible to consider squeezing even more time out of our week for a hobby or activity.

However, with a little imagination you could get a lot of enjoyment from a new interest which can be both good for your mind and body. Hobbies have been found to be therapeutic as they relieve stress and keep the mind active. In this article, you'll find hobby ideas for everyone.

For indoor activities and interest you could try dancing. There are many forms taught in most cities from ballroom and latin to belly dancing and American jive which are a fun way to exercise without even realising it.

There are numerous sports activities like tennis, badmington, aerobic dance and fitness, yoga and tai chi.

For the budding actor you could get involved in local theatre and even perform in plays. You could also learn to play an instrument whether you learn yourself or join a class.

If you’d like to learn a new skill you could try purchasing a hobby kit which will take you through a course with a step by step guide. A kit should provide you all the materials you’ll need. For example if you’d like to pick up some needlecraft skills such as cross stitch, you can buy a hobby kit with a fabric design printed on it together with a yarn, hoop and needle. Check to see what’s on the pack before you buy. Once you get to grips with it you can always add to your kit.

Consider getting a smaller project that you can finish in a short time so you can get a feel for it first.

In the warmer months with lighter evenings you might want to benefit from the fresh air and open space. Simple walking or hiking can help your explore places you might never otherwise have known. For the more adventurous and for those with transport, sailing or canoeing can also be really exhilarating. To help you along you can join local nature or environmental groups who can provide guidance on places to visit and information on what’s going on.

If you like flora and fauna it can be great fun to stroll through the woods and countryside with a local guide, learning to identify each wildflower, insect, tree, and bird.

So why not try replacing some TV time from your week to begin a fun new hobby. You’ll be surprised how much you can achieve in a few hours each week.

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