The Nutty Way To Lose Pounds


A peanut butter diet, surely not. Yes this does sound too good to be true, however, you really can eat butter made from peanuts and still lose weight.

There are some types of food that boost your metabolism and enable you to burn off the calories faster. We know them as super foods and peanut butter is one of these high in protein foodstuffs that help build muscle tissue.

You will have to avoid bread though so sandwiches are out of the question. Try indulging in smoothies by combining the butter with blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. Throw in some ice cubes and whisk it into a morning power shake. Get creative with your peanut butter meals and remember not to go over board if you want to lose the pounds.

Remember that you need to combine exercise with your eating plan. Drop the word “Diet” from your vocabulary. Doing this will help you drop the negative association with any previously failed attempts to lose weight. Some people may feel like they are depriving themselves by sticking to a strict program so it’s important to integrate some treats along with your meals, which will help you to enjoy the experience and help you succeed.

Try eating four to five small meals daily as opposed to two main meals. This way you’ll avoid the urge of snacking on the bad stuff and you’re much less likely to resort to feasting on larger high calorie meals. This will help keep you on course to shedding the pounds. The worst thing you can do is to skip meals, as your body will not know when to expect the next one and will store fat as a response.

Try alternating your usual coffee or tea with green tea. It is said to contain fat burning agents, which could account for the slightly bitter dry taste. As you’ll already know, eating fish such as Tuna or Salmon, which are high in Omega 3 acids, are essential for a healthy mind and body. If you can’t get hold of fresh fish then the tinned variety are fine but try to buy in spring water and not salty brine or fatty oil.

You can also incorporate pulses such as green beans, which will fill you up without adding calories. Lean meats like chicken, fish and beef and fruit and vegetables are ideal in moderation. Just remember to avoid bread, cereals and white pasta.

Some research has shown that eating more peanuts and other nuts can help reduce cholesterol and decrease your risk of heart disease and associated illnesses. So try combining peanut butter with your new eating program and together with moderate exercise, watch the pounds fall off.

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