Cats are probably the most underrated species ever and they’re intelligence and ability to survive in situations is unsurpassed.

Adapting to situations
The ability of a cat to adapt to any situation is legendary; with your love and attention they can literally make any place feel like home. And talking about attention, they are the worst attention seekers. As a cat lover myself, I have experienced how crazy they are for their owners, from playing with a fur ball to going out on a walk, from filling their bowl with food to snuggling on you, they want it all.

Their strength of sensing danger is also very strong. When your cat starts behaving strangely, there is usually something bothering it, which should alert your concern.

Training and intelligence
A cat’s intelligence should never be underestimated. Just like humans they learn from imitation, sounds, gestures and making mistakes which is why training a cat isn’t that difficult after all. If you want your cat to stop climbing on your bed, two or three days of discouragement and proper instructions are all that you need. On the fourth day you will see that no matter what happens, it will never sit on your bed again. Well trained cats can open drawers, turn off the lights or even pass on the pair of socks you left on other side of the room.

Moreover, a cat cannot connect itself with the past, what’s gone is gone. So if you plan on punishing your pet for something it did two days back, it’s of no use because it won’t be able to link why you’re being harsh in the first place which is why cats aren’t aware of the concept of revenge. What the owner does is usually what the cat copies, thus utilize the same energy to train your cat. Learn how to handle your pet and it will be your best friend!


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