Halloween Costumes with Bite


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Whether you’re a kid, an adult or something in between, the 31st of October isn’t the same without fancy dress.

Witches, superheroes, trolls, dwarves, pumpkins, zombies, Snapchat filters – there’s a dizzying array of possibilities for your costume depending on whether you want to scare, amuse or confuse your friends and whether you want to maintain some semblance of beauty or go all out with the horror and gore. It can be difficult to choose!

One of the best things about Halloween is its sur-reality; how the typical standards of society are temporarily dropped, inhibitions are lowered, and clothing and actions that would normally get you wary looks are all just part of the fun. Scaring people becomes a virtue rather than a vice.

But Halloween isn’t the same for everyone. Kids are usually pretty happy with a shop-bought outfit, or with a rudimentary ghost costume made using a white bedsheet and a pair of scissors. But many adults like to be original by putting together their own outfit, or referencing recent pop culture instead of the usual Halloween staples of witches and zombies.

You could pick some characters from a TV show and get some friends together for group costumes – say, where you each dress up as a member of the Fantastic Four. Or if you’re more interested in music, you and your friends could go as the Spice Girls or One Direction.

How far are you willing to go to look frightening? Some people like to just dress up, perhaps as Iron Man or Hermione Granger – but some people want to strictly abide by the spirit of the night and look scary, in which case they could find realistic zombie outfits on the Internet.

There is, of course, more to it than clothes – there’s no point having amazing clothes if your face betrays that you’re just Laura from the office! If you’re going with the zombie idea, you can either buy Halloween masks or look up makeup tutorials on Youtube. In fact, you can find a makeup tutorial on Youtube for almost anything and anyone.

If you’re tight on money, don’t forget that you don’t necessarily have to purchase the items – you can go to a costume hire shop and rent them for cheaper instead, since you’re probably only going to need it for one night.

Whether you’re dressing up scary or sweet this Halloween, just remember these tips and enjoy the unique spirit of the night!


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