How to Buy Silver Jewellery Wholesalers


Not only is silver jewellery beautiful, it's a timeless addition to any outfit that doesn't fade in appeal with the latest trends. Less expensive than gold, generally, it accentuates the best features of almost any outfit and complements almost any look. There are many sources of wholesale silver jewellery, but the internet – as usual – offers the widest possible selection.

Whatever kind of jewellery you're looking for, it makes sense to begin your search online. There is a huge range of jewellery wholesalers online, many of whom specialise in silver. Buying jewellery wholesale means that you only pay a fraction of the cost you would at a brick-and-mortar jewellery store, and online shops are much more likely to be able to sell jewellery at wholesale prices, since they're not concerned with paying to rent a shop space.

There is one major thing to keep in mind when buying silver jewellery, however: always make sure it's sterling silver. Sterling silver is the purest, highest-quality form of silver you can buy, and is almost always marked with the digits 925. Once you determine that the jewellery you're purchasing is sterling silver, you don't need to worry about quality, because all sterling silver is of the same quality. Two major factors that affect the price of sterling silver jewellery are its weight and its mode of manufacture: hand-made jewellery will generally cost significantly more than machine-made.

Other things to keep an eye out for when buying jewellery are the gems and settings in the piece – if you want real gems, research the item until you're entirely sure that's what you're getting. Of course, a silver and diamond necklace certainly won't be cheap – but it's always better to know for sure what you're spending your money on. If you're happy with imitation gems on an item of silver jewellery, these are readily available too.

No matter the quality of your silver, it will tarnish if it's not properly taken care of. It's recommended that you clean your silver jewellery with commonly-available silver polish on a weekly basis to keep it shiny and in good condition.


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