Naming Your Newborn Baby


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One of the most challenging things about having a newborn baby is finding the perfect name. This is something that should be taken very seriously because this name will be with them forever. You’ve got to make sure to think about how they will feel carrying this name, in school and later on as adults.

First and foremost you need to understand that a name can define a person. In selecting a name that you like, make sure your child can live with it as well. You can choose an unusual name and spelling if you don’t want anyone else to share the same name. But, be careful because if it is really unusual or odd your child may encounter problems. If the spelling of the name is different than the way it’s usually spelled, your child may forever be faced with correcting the spelling of his or her name. These are all things to consider.

You should also understand that some names come with a lot of baggage or history. If you are planning on passing down a family name, you will also be giving them the history that goes with that name. But first, make sure this is a name you like. If your intent is to honor a family member, but you don’t like their name, use it as the middle name.

Other things to keep in mind is that names that rhyme or sound odd with your last name are not the best choices. Kids in school will tease and make fun of them, which can cause lasting emotional scars. Give your child a name that isn’t going to be the butt of jokes. You should also consider the initials because when they are lined up you don’t want them spelling something that would embarrass everyone. Most parents don’t think this far ahead, so if you’re reading this article you’ll be able to meet the challenge of selecting the right name for your newborn.

Whatever name you choose for your baby should be something he or she will carry proudly throughout their lifetime. It should be a good strong name that will wear well with time. You don’t want to be persuaded into giving them a fad name or one that will quickly be out of style. If you select a name that is extremely popular, you run the risk that your child will be subjected to whateer connotations that name carries with it. This is a decision you need to put a lot of thought into before you impulsively write something down on their birth certificate you will later regret.


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