Being Healthy & Aging Gracefully


We have all heard the term “aging gracefully,” but do we really understand what it means? When thinking of growing older we often picture having aches and pains and not being able to do all the things we once enjoyed. There are many articles in the media on how to ease this by improving our mind and body, but in reality our environment plays a big role in how we feel as we get on in years. By taking good care of our living conditions and surroundings we can enjoy a less stressful, happier and healthier life in the advancing years.

People often say “Home is where the heart is,” and it only makes sense that your home ought to be your safe haven, where you feel most comfortable. However, a lot of us suffer from allergies that can bring on illness. To minimize the effects it would be a good idea to get rid of old carpets and to start giving your pets a regular bath. There are humidifiers and dehumidifiers that can improve the air you breathe inside your home by reducing the elements triggering your allergies.

Your home should provide a nurturing environment. If you’re not completely relaxed and comfortable in your home, you might want to do the following:

  • Bring a little of the outdoors inside by cutting fresh flowers and placing them in vases throughout your home, bring some sea shells inside or small rocks and other items that can add an element of nature.
  • Green plants placed around your home will filter indoor pollutants. Plants will also distribute oxygen throughout the house. You will breathe in cleaner air and this will enhance your health as you age.
  • Clean out all the clutter because fewer items crowding countertops and furniture will lessen frustration. Get rid of things you don’t need or use anymore. If you’re hesitating on whether to throw something out or give it away, list the pros and cons of keeping it. When the cons win out, toss it.

Were you aware that colors can affect your emotions and how you feel when you’re home? Each color means something and these meanings reflect how we feel physically and mentally. Here are some examples:

  • Red is energizing: It promotes passion, energy and movement. It’s the perfect color for your home gym, but not soothing enough for your bedroom.
  • Yellow inspires order: It inspires one to be organized, to think with clarity and be happy. A room with yellow walls will generate positive feelings, even if yellow is only used as an accent color in the room.
  • Green brings tranquility and balance: The color green has a calming effect on thinking. For someone facing trouble or needing to feel rejuvenated, a green room would be beneficial. It brings us back to nature, which was our first home. Although green does have some energizing properties, green plants and fresh flowers serve to bring nature inside, which does the heart good.
  • White is cleansing: If we want to feel purified, white provides the perfect environment of sterility, but it can also be isolating. In a white room it is important to have accents around in vibrant vivid colors. White is a great color for ceilings as it brightens the room like sunlight.

Enhancing your life as you age can easily begin in your home, whether you want to try something new, something natural or by painting the walls to create a more comfortable environment. These steps can improve the balance and harmony of your surroundings, and create warmth and inspiration as well. The more you invest in your health as you age, the better you’ll feel all the way around.


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