Sending Telegrams is No Longer a Thing of the Past


Welcome to the Telegram Office Website and our very first blog post.

Through our website you can order telegrams for every occasion. You can send simple greetings, birthday messages, thank you notes, congratulations on the birth of a new baby, for mothers and fathers on their special day, for anniversaries, and for invitations, just to name a few.

Our telegrams revive the traditional and now largely obsolete telegram service of yesteryear.

History of the Telegram

Historically telegrams have been used to convey written messages. The technology of years gone by did this using wire, signal, or broadcast methods by way of electromagnetic telegraphs. These devices were developed for transmitting coded messages between people, relaying these messages via a series of telegraph stations. Transmitting messages through radio technology is called wireless telegraphy or radiotelegraphy. The term “telegraph” currently refers to the use of an electrical telegraph machine.

First Message Telegraphed

Samuel Morse, along with his assistant, Alfred Vail, invented the first electrical telegraph in the United States. Their very first transmission occurred on May 24, 1844 with the experimental message being sent from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland. The message said “WHAT HATH GOD WROUGHT!” referencing a Bible phrase, Numbers 23:23.


When the teleprinter was introduced this increased the speed of transmission and delivery time even more. A teleprinter was a device that was invented to send and receive messages without the need for special operators trained in the use of Morse code.

Underwater Cables

Once the overland telegraph system was successful the next goal was to build an underwater cable system. In 1850 the first underwater cable was built, which connected Great Britain with France. An underwater cable connecting Ireland soon followed.

The next challenge was to build an underwater commercial telegraph cable extending across the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Telegraph Co. was founded in London, England in 1856 for just this purpose. Work was commenced and the cable line was finished ten years later in 1866. Another telegraph line was completed in 1870, connecting Great Britain to India. Undersea cables continued to be laid until all continents were finally connected by cable in the year 1902.

The Excitement is Back

People no longer experience the excitement and thrill of receiving a telegram delivered by hand to their front door like their grandparents and great grandparents once did.

With this in mind, the Telegram Office was formed to bring the telegram back into existence using the look and feel of the original designs. Everyone loves receiving a greetings card and now through the Telegram Office, you can send your greeting or message in the form of a vintage telegram to a friend or loved one by post.

You can choose the design you want from our Gallery, which includes a selection of designs from around the world. For example, if you wanted to send a telegram to someone in Australia, you could select the Australian design for your telegram. This design would be similar to the designs originally used centuries ago in Australia. Alternatively, if you wanted your telegram to appear as if it came from the UK, you could choose a British themed telegram design depicting a royal crown.

We sincerely hope you like what we have to offer. We continually create new telegram designs taking inspiration from this bygone era. Please connect with us on social media so that we can keep you informed of new developments.

Thanks so much for reading about the Telegraph Office.

The Telegram Clerk


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