Three Gifts for Newborns that Keep on Giving


People of all walks of life love buying baby gifts. Toys, clothes, the latest devices all attract the eager shopper. The problem is that newborns soon outgrow many of their gifts. However, there are some gifts that actually keep on giving. I’m talking about music, books and infant massage and/or baby yoga classes, all of which continue to benefit the child into adulthood.

It is never too early to expose your child to music. When you sing soft lullabies to your baby and play classical music you are giving something that lasts a lifetime, the magnificence of sound. It’s important to expose your child to variety so he/she will develop an appreciation for all types of music. You can play both vocal and instrumental sounds to help your baby discern the various qualities in music. There are also musical games you can play to calm your baby as well as uplift. You never know, your baby’s love of music may one day be their career.

Books for babies are in abundance and make an ideal gift for encouraging a love of reading, which opens a door to the entire universe. This is something that must be learned early in life. Reading to your child regularly will nurture this and you should begin at birth. Spending story-time with your baby is all about creating a special bond, however this early positive experience sets the stage for developing a thirst for knowledge as well as a positive attitude when it comes to learning.

Baby Yoga Classes

Infant massage and/or baby yoga classes offer the benefits of nurturing touch and movement. These types of classes provide the perfect bonding experience for you and your baby, and a lot more. What young children experience sets the stage for who they become as they grow into adulthood. Infant massage helps babies discover their bodies and what is healthy touching. It also brings about a strong bond between the parent and child, which can help you maintain good lines of communication as your child matures.

Similarly, baby yoga classes help your baby develop healthy movement. A child who enjoys movement will carry this into adulthood. This promotes a healthy attitude when it comes to self-care in terms of exercise and relaxation. When you model this for your baby and share this experience together, your child will come to appreciate the importance of mind/body balance in life.

Whether you decide to go with music, books, or infant massage and/or baby yoga classes, the gifts that mean the most are the ones that offer a foundation for healthy development. They’re something meaningful as well as fun to give. As you watch this child enjoy the benefits, these gifts will be giving back to you along the way.

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