Why The 4th of July is a Day of Celebration for Americans


Independence Day, better known among Americans as The 4th of July is a major national holiday, but as time goes on a lot of Americans do not know why they’re actually celebrating this holiday. In case you’ve forgotten your American History, it was on July 4, 1776 that the colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. They wrote out a very detailed decree explaining why the King of England, who had been extremely unjust in dealing with the colonists in prior years, would no longer govern them. It was on that day that America was officially born. This is why July 4th is called Independence Day as it was on that day that Americans declared their independence from the mighty Great Britain.

Today, Americans celebrate their freedom from being ruled by another. But, there’s more to this holiday than just celebrating their independence, the United States’ birthday. The truth is that there are many ideals and goals inherent in this celebration that Americans fight to protect throughout the world.

Declaration of Independence

America’s Declaration of Independence, which was the name given to the decree that was written out and signed, stands as a concrete symbol of all the things Americans stand for and believe in. What are these things?

The decree states the inherent right of all Americans to live with freedom of religion, without being persecuted and with the ability to do and think for yourself.

It took tremendous courage to stand up and protect their freedoms. The individuals who stepped forward and signed the Declaration of Independence displayed enormous courage because they could have been hanged for treason. This Declaration is used as a symbol to remind all Americans, and maybe the world at large, that courage is most needed when inherent human rights and freedoms are being threatened.

This symbolizes that people can exist together in a country governed by its citizens and that each and every person living in that country is vital to its overall well being.

The 4th of July is celebrated for many reasons. Americans how their precious United States of America first came to be and how many have perished for them to prevail. This day is celebrated because, as a nation, Americans want everyone across the world to enjoy the same human rights and freedom. And more than anything else, Americans understand that without the bravery and courage of all those who came before them, they would not enjoy the freedoms that they hold so dear.


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