What’s the Deal with the Telegram Messenger App?

Vintage Telegraphy

Whilst the instant messaging platform ‘Telegram’ hasn’t reached the same heights of popularity as Facebook, it’s got us at The Telegram Office wondering if the app is worthy of its name?

Does it offer the same delights as receiving a personalised telegram in person? In short, the answer is most definitely no. Yet, new app hasn’t failed to attract users looking to interact with their loved ones in brand new ways.

Just as Twitter posed a threat to the traditional telegram, the Telegram app is now posing a threat to WhatsApp, which in recent years has become a favoured way to fire off an instant message to your friends.

So, why the sudden jump across to the platform?

The app claims to be the most secure messaging service in the world, and in a time where we’re growing ever more concerned with our privacy it makes a lot of sense. Even if hackers were able to intercept the messages, they’d still be encrypted! No one like sense that their privacy is being invaded. Another great reason to make the jump over to the Telegram app is for the fact that it’s sole intention is to enable users to communicate with one another, meaning that there are no ads and unlike other platforms it was never designed to generate profit. Pretty cool right?

Whilst the app is synonymous with security, it still has very little to do with the history of the telegram and with the cutting edge of technology it doesn’t quite have the same archaic allure.

But thankfully, the fine art of the telegram is still available from online telegram services such as The Telegram Office.

If you’d like to stick with timelessly traditional telegram service, you can head on over to The Telegram Office’s main page where you will be able to send personalised messages to your loved ones.

Similar to the app, we will fully respect your privacy when preparing your telegram! We are dedicated to restoring the good reputation of the telegram which was used for generations to share well wishes, convey important information and pretty much everything in between!

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