Which Were the Last Countries to Stop Using the Telegram?

Belgian Telegram

Traditional telegrams may be a thing of the past for most countries across the globe. Yet, there are some countries which kept the telegram around a little longer. With one country even sticking it out right up until 2017.

It may come as a surprise that it was, in fact, Belgium who never stopped using the telegram, or should I say “TȄLȄGRAMME”. This meant that one of the world’s oldest telegram operators finally closed their doors after 171 years of service.

And how did the company choose to report the closure? Well, through via Twitter of course!

The Tweet simply read “Proximus – stop – ends the telegram – stop” before the establishment was finally forced into closure through people opting to correspond online.

On the other side of the globe in India lies what used to be the biggest telegram market in the world in India. Telegram senders were forced to adopt other means of communication back in 2013.

Whilst Western Union in the US stopped offering the service in 2006.

Whilst many people alive in the UK today won’t even be able to remember the traditional telegram service considering that they were ditched back in 1982.

As society changes, as does our technology, which means that we’re constantly moving forward. Whilst the traditional telegram service may have been all good and well in the 1800s, let's face it, they just weren’t that practical to send.

Which is why the introduction of online telegram services has revolutionised the archaic delights. Sure, you wouldn’t want to send one to see if your friend wants to join you in the pub later that evening. But, when it comes to special occasions recipients often find that receiving a telegram is more than just novel. By going the extra mile, you’re able to show someone that you truly care. And the best part of it is, you don’t even need to leave your home and send a telegram through The Telegram Office!

Our simple and straightforward service means that you’re able to send a telegram within just minutes!

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