Working from home for Women


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Often business ideas are targeted at women who are already committed to bringing up kids at home but who might also want to contribute to the family income from a home based business. Given the high cost of childcare, staying and home and undertaking an income generating activity can be a win win arrangement.

Traditionally, some women might consider a business creating home crafts items such as knitwear or dressmaking and jewellery design. You could equally make products such as candles or conserves like jam and marmalade or sell holidays as a travel agent or write content for websites or buy and sell cookware.

Ecommerce has made it much easier to get your product or service into the marketplace and at low cost or even for free. It’s unlikely you can set up your business without an online presence. You will need to identify you target market and ask yourself where your likely customers go online and/or how you can offer your service or product to them at a competitive price.

If you’re struggling for ideas then something like selling children’s clothing online or hard to find sizes in some women’s clothing are just two examples of what can be profitable businesses. You can also try selling something more niche and specific like a type of children’s toy.

The costs of any business can mount up even for the most astute. A home based business may not have the overheads of premises but you will likely have supplier or material costs and costs incurred with bringing these to the market place and promotion before you even factor in you own time. It is a good idea to work out your likely costs first and to plan and even test products, prices and your sales channels.

Make your decisions on these findings and don’t be afraid to switch your ideas until you have something that will likely succeed. Your home-based business can be profitable if you go about it in the right way.

Remember that your business is intended to bring in an extra income however small at first. Be clear with yourself from the outset as to how much time you can commit and what you would like to achieve and don’t be afraid to adapt to help make your business profitable.

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